Merry Fupping Christmas

Luke, Helen and Lindsay zombies wish you a Very Mouldy Christmas

And so closes 2021. You may have noticed that it’s all a bit of a shitshow out there, and you’re probably feeling about as festive as our Christmas zombies above.

We couldn’t have known, when we wrapped the Zomblog movie in 2019 and put the final touches to the edit in early 2020, that the world would continually be overcome by deadly viruses, and that those viruses would party and cause super-viruses. All those apocalyptic fantasies we had – of roller skating round empty supermarkets, taking potshots at mouldy zombies; or sitting in abandoned cinemas enjoying films with an audience of two – turned out in reality to be what life usually concocts as a placeholder for anticipated fun: a cocktail of tedium, stress, uncertainty, disappointment and anxiety. 


But it wasn’t ALL bad…

People came, people saw, people liked.

Zomblog had an incredible year in terms of getting eyes (and brains) on the movie. We had a great run of film festivals worldwide and won a few Best Feature and Best Comedy awards, which is frankly way more than we’d hoped for when 2021 began. So thanks to all the festival organisers and audiences for their support, and also to all the film reviewers who watched the film from the comfort of their own home cinema systems/laptops or iPhones (shudder) while having a crap. To you all, we are grateful for giving a shit while having a shit.

Check out our PRESS PAGE for all the stuff about us that people spaffed online in 2021.

On the subject of which (home viewing, not shitting), we have been working to bring the Zomblog movie to your homes in 2022. Although nothing is sealed yet, we are aiming to get the film onto physical and digital media for you to experience in your high-tech apartment/dormabungalow in space/hovel/cave/mansion, on your own or with uninfected friends. We’d love you to have the choice of hitting the play button on a streaming service or popping a shiny Blu-ray disc into your player to enjoy the Zomblog movie again and (heaven help you) again, and ply you with special features while you ply yourself with alcohol and crisps to get through another 365 days on this ridiculous planet. Heaven help us. 

Until then, we thank you for your continued support, for taking the film to your twisted hearts, for your kind words and for your future support. We hope we can count on you, because you can count on us. Honest…

Woud you trust these arseholes? I mean, you can trust these arseholes! I mean people.

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