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ARCHIVAL (web series and film pre-pre-pre-production)














“Zomblogalypse deserves to be raved about… [it] is certainly not without its wits as the ultra gory and ghastly zombie practical effects shine a light on the immense craft that has clearly gone into creating the film.” – Dead Northern Film Festival

“Funny and not afraid to get very bloody.” – Voices From The Balcony

“…a quietly marvellous look at the end of the world from the point of view of the generation after Shaun and co… There’s a deadpan approach taken to the humour throughout that gives the series its own identity and means that the moments of genuine horror have real impact… Zomblogalypse is dark, funny, horrifically violent and gloriously silly…” – SFX

“…A strong contribution to the subgenre of online series that track roomate tensions in a zombie apocalypse… keeping the cameras rolling to document life’s little foibles and (more to the point) their own staggering ineptness [through] wry deadpan humour.” – Zombie Movie Encyclopedia

“Refreshingly hilarious.” –

“Zomblogalypse is basically a cross between the movie 28 Days Later and the TV series The Office in that it has great moments of suspense as well as skillful, naturalistic (and hilarious) acting.” – The Splice

“A creative cacophany of wit, brilliant comic timing and amazing makeup effects.” – Marc Price, Director Colin

“Using the tried and true format of 3 friends surviving the zombie apocalypse in an apartment, Zomblogalypse is easily the best of the bunch and currently the most watchable zombie web series running.” –



Following the adventures of three inept survivors of a zombie apocalypse in the British city of York, who record their daily activities for a video blog, Zomblogalypse is an entertainment franchise rooted in geek and Internet culture. Originally a zero budget web series, it is now being developed into a feature length film and spin off transmedia projects.

Web series

Created and produced by Miles Watts, Tony Hipwell and Hannah Bungard working as MilesTone Films in 2008, the zero budget Zomblogalypse web series, shot on mobile phones and webcams, ran for four seasons of six episodes until 2011.

Championed by genre and geek culture bloggers, magazines and celebrities including SFX, Tom Savini, Charlie Adlard, Marc Price, Dominic Brunt, Al Ewing and Sandeep Parikh, the series has had over a million views across platforms including YouTube, Dailymotion and Blinkx.

Feature length film

Work began on a feature length film adaptation in 2018. The film was released in 2023.