Movie Production Blog #11: Cannes You Dig It?

WE DID IT! With your help we managed to raise about £9,000 to start making the Zomblog film!

This is no small feat. About 150 people donated and hundreds more showed support by sharing, tweeting and pimping the campaign to a triumphant degree and the result is… WE’RE OFF TO CANNES!

But what does that actually mean? Well, over to our Producer Steve Piper, who knows what he’s talking about:

‘Visiting the Marche du Film is a phenomenal experience and an opportunity to meet with the industry, learn the latest about the international market, get feedback on every aspect of the project, meet a bunch of other filmmakers, actors and technicians, attend all kinds of seminars on different aspects of filmmaking, financing and distribution and, crucially, FINANCE THE ZOMBLOGALYPSE!

There was some really solid interest in Zomblog last year and all four of us will be pounding the Palais carpets and Croisette pavements to meet up with as many people as possible and take the last couple of steps to the fabled greenlight and production. It takes quite a while to go from script to screen but please keep with us as throughout Cannes week we’ll be sending daily reports, videos and photos to the wonderful folks at One&Other so keep an eye on there from around the 15th of May.

We’re also launching into pre-production; zombie design work has already begun, casting will get rolling to fill supporting actor roles and talks will advance with people like York City Council and a bunch of the fair city’s landmarks that we’re hoping to include in the film. We’ll be talking with CGI people too to work out scaling up the world of Zomblogalypse, locking down the script and signing on the dotted line of some distributor’s finance agreement, hopefully all over summer.’

So there you have it. Wise words from Steve and a very exciting week ahead followed by a very exciting transition from chats, talks and plans to actual pre-production. We have our cast and crew in mind and as soon as we have a budget, we’ll be able to action these and start powering the Zomblog movie into existence. It’s always a tough journey getting a film started but we’re well on the way.

Stay tuned to this site, our Facebook and Twitter pages, wish us well and come along for the ride. It’s going to be a wild one!

Lots of love, Team Z x

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