Zomblog Crew on Hammer Heads Podcast

Hannah, Miles and Tony give podcast host Marcus Wilson their thoughts on the 1966 Hammer classic The Plague of The Zombies as well as discussing their own zombie movie ahead of its impending blu-ray release.

Speaking to Hammer Heads podcast host Marcus Wilson, Hannah and Tony – as well as Miles, who does double duty as co-host and Zomblog co-creator – this week’s episode of the Hammer-centric chat focuses on the 1966 classic The Plague of The Zombies, which is roundly discussed by the team.

Two years before Romero’s seminal Night of the Living Dead, Hammer’s foray into zombie lore updated the ‘voodoo cult’ plots of White Zombie and its ilk, and had the undead attack a small village, in Hammer style of course, as an evil land baron used the zombies to mine for tin… yes, we thought it was an odd plan too. Very fun movie though.

After the Hammer chat, Marcus hosts a Q&A with the Zomblog team about their own addition to the genre, with their feature film finally hitting blu-ray after a long festival run. Enjoy a good hour and a bit of chit-chat about the undead, the challenges of making a movie, and how to get your mitts on a blu-ray.

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