Buy the Zomblogalypse Movie on Blu-Ray!

Yes folks, THE DAY HAS COME! Our excellent friends at Dark Rift have released this glorious blu-ray disc of the Zomblogalypse movie for you to buy and own forever… or at least until the REAL end of the world.

Packed with special features, the disc boasts the following content:


This is a big deal for us at Zomblog because it’s not just the first official physical release (aside from the homemade web series double disc we did back in 2009: and yes there are still some of those left, so visit our site shop) but the first blu-ray we’ve ever released as a joint film company. Exciting times.

We’d like to give a huge shout out to everyone who helped bring this film into existence, particularly Jane and John White and all our fans and friends who gave their all for very little in return but our undying (undead) gratitude.

We’d also like to thank our pals at Dark Rift, not just for releasing our movie as their first ‘guest title’ but also for just being some of the good guys in this shark-infested industry. Disc releases can be a hellish nightmare of rip-off deals, awful artwork and vanilla content, but Dark Rift properly work with filmmakers to create the release they, and in this case we, wanted: the Zomblogalypse movie represents years of hard work and passionate persistance, and to have it on our shelves and get it out to all of you is a super special moment that we don’t for one second take for granted.

Without further ado, you can now BUY THE FILM in this beautifully-made boutique package, support independent filmmaking and make our millennium.


Team Zomblog xxx

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