Zomblog Movie Home Premiere with Haunted House Fearfest

We’re coming to your home…

If you’ve been dying to watch the Zomblog movie from the comfort of your own palace/squat/appropriated abandoned police precinct, your dream is about to come true thanks to Haunted House Fearfest, who have selected Zomblog for online screening during their fabulous festival, held from 18-27 March 2022. 

This is on top of several in-person film festival screenings this year, which is coooool for us here at Zomblog HQ, because the original web series began online and it’s how we gathered our thousands of fans to our collective bosom, so the chance to screen the movie for fans old and new is horribly delicious. Way ahead of any disc or digital releases (and more on that later), for a small rental fee you’ll get to watch the Zomblog movie at home without having to breathe in everyone’s nasty germs, which in this day and age is a bonus. 

We’ll have more details very soon on exactly how to rent and how much it’ll cost and so on, so stay tuned and prepare to have your home invaded by three idiots and a bunch of zombies. So thanks to Haunted House Fearfest, and we’ll announce more soon. JOIN USSSSS...

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  1. Stephen Lennon says:

    This is awesome, so excited to share it with my friends.

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