Zomblog, Last Night In Soho, Censor Top Dead Northern Horror List

Oh you know, just us, Edgar Wright, Prano Bailey-Bond, Julia Ducournau…

This has already made our year: we’re among THE TOP HORROR FILMS OF 2021, including some of our absolute favourites Last Night In Soho, Censor and Titane. We are not worthy! No genuinely, we’re not, but thanks to Dead Northern – Horror & Fantasy Film Festival!

Seriously, being on lists like this among the peers we revere (ooh) makes an enormous difference to us because we may not have the larger budgets and resources these heroes of ours enjoy, but what we lack in finances we make up for in sheer determination and hard work, so thanks again to people like Dead Northern and Love Horror for championing us at the same level as some of the masterpieces on this list. 2022 is off to a great start!

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