Zomblog in Top 10 Horror List of 2021 Shocker!

We thought we’d wrapped up the year with all we had left to celebrate but apparently not thanks to Love Horror, who’ve included us in their Top 10 Horror Films of 2021!

This is a huge deal for us, particularly since the list also includes such trailblazing peers as Censor‘s Prano Bailey-Bond and Host and Dashcam‘s Jed Shepherd, Rob Savage and Gemma Hurley. If you haven’t seen their movies, we urge you to check them out too.

She has a face only everybody could love.

Also, here’s the last of our Q&As with Love Horror, this time for co-star Lyndsey Craine, who tells us what a fucking nightmare it was filming with Hannah, Miles and Tony and how much she loves Disney.


A lot of people have been asking about the inevitable Zomblog DVD/streaming home release/Blu-ray/home invasion we have planned. And we do have these planned, for 2022 ideally, all being well. Irons are very much in fires and we are working on ushering the Zomblog movie towards the festivals off-ramp and through your front doors over the next 12 months. We’re on it. TRUST US.

You really want to let these tossers into your home?

There are a few more festivals coming up in ’22 and we’ll update you on those too. For the meanwhilst (?) we hope you have a lovely New Year and a happy start to the one they’re calling 2022. It’ll be better, as Giles says in the Buffy episode The Wish, “because it has to be…”

Love you all.

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