June 2018: We Shot Half The Zomblog Movie!

Pic by Ben Bentley

So… here’s an update for you. We made half the movie! Finally got it sorted and filmed nine days of zombie madness, and it’s turning out better than we could have hoped.

For an exclusive, go to One&Other Creative and read on… video updates coming soon.

It’s on like Zombie Kong…

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  1. Karen Boyes says:

    HI there. I am part of the Theatre Royal Photography Group and would love to come along and get some shots of the Zombies! They would make a nice change from the portraits I usually take!

    Would this be possible? If so please could you let me know who to look for, when make-up will be done and I will happily come and find you at the Golden Ball…please let me know if Saturday or Sunday would be best for the Zombie shots if that is possible.

    Thanks in advance

    Karen Boyes
    Mob 07899 795899

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