Movie Production Blog #16: The Long Hot Summer

Ah, summer, bringing with it the boiling sunshine, the hot, uncomfortable nights alive with the sound of casual fighting in the street outside and hordes of shambling, drunken tourists flocking to small English towns. A bit like the zombie apocalypse, then.

It’s also a time when the Zomblogalypse team have been slowly, steadily working on film related stuff. After the flurry of intense activity that was getting the script up to scratch, summer was a phase of pre-production which saw us needing to catch up on some housekeeping. Not the tidying kind, because – well, have you seen the Zomblog flat? – but rather packaging the script together with all our location scouting photos, concept art and this shiny beast, the first Zomblog Movie teaser poster, by our friends at Coffee Design:


(click to enlarge any of these images)

The aforementioned concept art is by Dean Hopkins, who rather marvellously captures the three Zombloggers in their natural states.

Tony (Stark?) enjoying an explosive moment:


…Hannah trying to teach a bunch of disaffected zombies how to knit:


…and Miles, riding out from York Minster on his zombie-driven sofa chariot while enjoying a cheeky glass of Rioja. Riojalypse Now, if you like.


All these magnificent drawings were executed by Dean after reading the movie script and having been given the lowdown on what we all get up to in the film. We wanted him to capture the essence of each character, which we think drives Zomblog the Series and helped us write the movie.

So what’s happening with the movie, you all ask? Well, things are still happening. While the money people peruse the pre-production package we’ve sent and decide if the movie is a goer, there are things we’ve now been able to get on with.

The perks from the IndieGoGo campaign that got us to Cannes to make the deal last year have been slow to surface, mostly because Zomblog Towers is not founded atop pots of gold coins, which means we’ve all had to find the time – amidst our non-Zomblog endeavours – to get knitting, get sketching and get printing.

One perk we have done, however, can be found RIGHT HERE, where we’ve listed all the amazingly awesome people who’ve helped us get this far. If you donated, your name should be here, and do let us know on our Facebook page if we’ve missed you out or spelled your name wrong (unless you’re ‘Lady Doctor Duchess Professor Jennifer Jordan Esq.’ who frankly makes her own problems.)

Fear not though, loyal contributors, there are perks aplenty heading your way this autumn, including a bonus one we’re getting together by way of an apology for our tardiness.

Meantime, some questions we get asked with regularity are:

Has the movie happened yet? to which the answer is very much no.

When will the movie happen? to which the answer is we don’t know.

Have you found a crew yet? to which the answer is we’re not at that stage yet.

Can we see a glimpse of the kinds of zombies you want in the movie? to which actually the answer is yes, here you go:


Nasty bugger ain’t he?

So that’s where we’re at with the film. We’d like to say we’ll know more this autumn, and we may or may not. We’d like to plan the series of specials connecting the series to the movie, but we won’t really be able to that until the money people start doing their thing… you see where we are now, we’re sure.

As soon as we know anything else, rest assured, so will you. For now, look forward to imminent perks upon perks, and see you on Facebook!

All the best for the season,

Team Z xxx

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