Movie Production Blog #13: Location Scouting

Today we went on a preliminary location scout round our beautiful home town of York.

We’ve filmed just about every corner of this city while making CrimeFighters and Whoops!, not to mention the Zomblog web series. Practically everywhere we look is a location we’ve used.

At least, almost.

The Zomblogalypse movie (which incidentally is now up on IMDb) is larger in scope and scale and other things beginning with ‘sc’, like scabies, so we can use parts of the city we perhaps haven’t been able to use through lack of money; both exteriors and interiors.

We’ve written some crazy scenes in and around many York landmarks and buildings and the hope is that we’ll be able to use them all. We want the film to be true to the spirit of the series but to afford us an opportunity to run a bit wild around York, filming and firing as we go.

Today was all about finding a few likely areas of York for the set pieces and street scenes and also scout the Zomblog mansion: whether it will be the same one we filmed the series in remains to be seen, as this is big stuff, not just a few idiots with a camcorder… though you’ll get to see a lot of that too.

(The photo above is by Mark Allen, thanks Mark!)

The next stage, now that we’ve submitted the script to the relevant people, is to keep busy while we wait for more meetings, a budget and shooting schedule. At the moment, we have a script, some big opportunities and a lot of enthusiasm.

What we’re hoping to do in the next few months is to turn these elements into a large-scale film production that will benefit us and the city we call home. So look out for us on the streets: if we’re sizing up your establishment, you may be getting a call from us one day…

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