Movie Production Blog #12: We came, we saw, we kicked its zombie ASS


Kevin Williams Acquires Zomblogalypse

YAAAAAY but what does that mean? Who is Kevin Williams? How did he ‘acquire’ Zomblogalypse? Who invented liquid soap and why? HELP!

What happened is that thanks to the support of our miraculous friends, fans and family, we went to Cannes and we met with some sales agents and distributors and other assorted folk who are interested in taking Zomblog to the next level, which is essentially to make a movie.

But not JUST a movie…

When we began Zomblogalypse in 2008, we wanted it to be a pop cultural thing, smeared all over the internet and comics and games and up your nose and out through your face pores and into your cereal.

Or, if you prefer the term, multi platform; something that people got obsessed with for the details and in-jokes; something they loved, even if they didn’t watch it for three years and then caned the entire series in one sitting. (We love it when people do that, by the way).

So when we pitched the idea to the good people at Cannes in May 2013, their eyes lit up at the thought of not just Zomblogalypse the movie but Zomblogalypse the movieS, the comic books, the web series, the scrolling splat-’em-up game, the mug, the action figures, the pop culture icon…

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. First off, we want to make a damn good zombie apocalypse movie and we’re now well on the way to making it happen.

Producer Steve is meeting with some rather exciting folk this week to see about taking this up a notch, after which we can meet with budget folk and council dudes and lots of other wonderful people keen to join Team Zomblog.

We’re planning big things, people. Big things that will stimulate not just us and you but also tickle the UK film industry a bit and create a great big film-quake, with York at the epicentre.

So, ‘Kevin Williams Acquires Zomblogalypse‘ means that our little web series affords us the chance to trot the globe and spread like wildfire over the World Wide Web, infecting the rest of the planet like in that film about the virus. No, not that one, the one with the monkeys. Although hopefully without having to see our own deaths at an airport.

We’ve babbled enough. Let’s end by saying thanks to everyone who helped us get this far for your continued support. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We’ve added a PRESS button on the site where we’ll gather past and future stories about Zomblog and add some information about the show and the films. There’ll be a ton of new stuff shambling your way soon. Until then…


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