Movie Production Blog #9: INDIEGOGO GO!

The movie is off and running! Well, the process that will start the movie happening is off and shuffling.

Hit this link: Zomblog IndieGoGo – to see our pitch, videos, concept art and much more to come as we roll towards our goal to get the Zomblog movie staggering into cinemas with gleeful bloodlust. We have some GREAT PERKS for you other than being involved with the movie… you can own the movie… you can be at the premiere… you can even be IN the movie!

In the first 24 hours, we hit the £1,000 mark of the £10,000 we’re aiming to raise to start the ball rolling and we need YOUR help to keep the campaign strong all the way through. If you love Zomblog and really want to show it, NOW is the time: donate, share, tweet, whore, whatever you can do to get the word out there that we mean business, anything goes and every morsel of support is appreciated.



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