Movie Production Blog #10: Press Roundup!

Here’s a roundup of the last few weeks of publicity we’ve had from some lovely folk during our IndieGoGo campaign to get to Cannes!

There is some crossover, as some stick closely to the press release but there are some wonderful diversions including these great pieces from York’s bastion of common sense and media creativity, One&Other:

One&Other: The Apocalypse That Will Put York On The Map

One&Other: Halfway to Cannes-pocalypse

Then there’s SFX’s Alasdair Stuart’s excellent blog on the history of Zomblog:

SFX: Zomblogalypse The Movie

York Mix and Blog of the Living Dead’s fun and playful interviews:

York Mix: The Six Greatest Zombies In Movies

Blog Of The Living Dead: Blogging, Brains, Beans & An Interview

…and some great support from Crowdfunding Press Centre, The Horror Society & York Press:

Crowdfunding Press Centre: Zombloggers Turn To Crowd Funding

The Horror Society: How Three Idiots Survived The Zombie Apocalypse

York Press: Zomblogalypse To Make Feature Film

This level of support has helped us soar over our halfway point and with just 70 hours to go, there’s still so much we could gather to our bosom. If you’ve supported us, we love you, if you support us further, we will love you… further.

Here are the four interview videos we’ve done with key cast and crew members, and a GREAT photo shoot from last year by Redshirt Films‘ Jamie McKeller.

Tony Hipwell

Miles Watts

Hannah Bungard

Simon Brodie

Zomblog Photoshoot

Thank you for reading this and supporting us. Join us for the next leg of the journey!


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