Hello again!

So we made this serial killer feature film over the summer called Whoops! which exceeded our expectations about how much fun filmmaking could be. No zombies but we think there’s plenty for Zomblog fans to enjoy.

'Where are the zombies?'

With a cast of professional actors from TV, we were gifted with some of the most talented cast & crew we could ever hope for. We made a lot of new friends and worked with some old ones and you can be sure some of them will turn up in the Zomblog movie. On which note…

Future zombie slayer?

We shall be spending the next few months working on the edit for Whoops! as well as developing the Zomblog movie script. What we’re working out at the moment for the movie is just what the story is, the set pieces, the FX, the characters and the overall scope. We want it to be huge and different but in keeping with the homemade, snarky Britishness of the series.

I say, cup of tea, wot wot?

We have some interest from some very cool bodies (not those kinds of bodies) and we hope to impress them with a brain-meltingly entertaining script, so that is what we are now working on. We’re very excited to be finally thinking seriously about what will happen in the Zomblog movie, who will work on it, star in it and when we’ll film it. Rest assured, we’re working on it… in fact we spent part of today discussing the film’s grand opening…

'No, Hannah is not making her entrance on a flaming zombie hippo...'

In the meantime, keep interacting with us on Facebook, look out for our upcoming Hallowe’en event, and keep tabs on Whoops! because as we always say, there’s SOOOO much more to come, including ANOTHER horror film you won’t know about yet… more soon!

Another MilesTone film, another gallon of blood...

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