Movie Production Blog #3 With Pre-Cannes Photo Shoot Video!


Check out this rather amazing little documentary by Redshirt Films‘ Jamie McKeller:

Photo shoot by Jamie McKeller and Tom Chidlow.

Zombloggers Assemble

This was one of the best experiences we’ve had since starting Zomblog almost 4 years ago.

Seriously, the love that still exists for the show and the enthusiasm for the forthcoming film has blown us away.

Back in the thick of it

Simon Brodie of 81 Zombie Art┬ádid the most spanktacularly amazing job making up a dozen zombies in a few hours, along with Chloe Furze and Emzee Howland. We think you’ll agree, they outdid themselves.


Makeup gurus Simon, Chloe... and zombies

We can’t wait to get deeper and deeper into the process of making the Zomblogalypse movie, and we hope you will all join us on the journey.

The Unusual Suspects

Next step: CANNES!

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