Movie production blog #2: Production Paintings & ‘To Do’ List

While the juggernaut rolls along for Whoops!, with planned casting sessions, storyboarding, script tweaks and production meetings, we’re also starting to rack up the To Do list for the Zomblog movie:


1) Re-cut the series trailer for investors
2) Craft the story, characters and all the gory set pieces
3) Assemble costumes and personnel for the photo shoot
4) Hire some interns to do lots of Internet-based Zombloggery
5) Some other stuff

We also just commissioned a fantastic artist, Robert Johnson (no relation to the Bluesman), to create the first ever production painting for Zomblogalypse: The Movie.

We LOVE production paintings. One of my heroes is the late, great Ralph McQuarrie who conceptually visualised the original Star Wars trilogy. It was his breathtaking paintings that helped George Lucas present visually, for himself and his Producers, what his wild imagination could conjure.

Our hero.

We can mostly conjure a lot of decaying animated corpses and beautiful landmark buildings on fire and stuff.

We’ve also begun storyboarding on Whoops!; a very important step that turns words and thoughts into pictures and concepts of how the film will look and how we’ll shoot it. Just as finishing a script is an important step in a film’s evolution, so converting ideas into cinematic imagery is the next part of the journey. Also, storyboards are cool and usually look better than the finished film. Maybe we’ll do a movie made entirely of storyboards and pictures one day, like La Jetée.

Pictures speak louder than words.

Finally, we’re off to London this week to have a pre-Cannes meeting of Producery minds and map out the production plans for both upcoming films.

In the next few weeks there’ll be more Whoops! poster designs and a fully functional website, plus a new Zomblog site geared towards production on the film.

We’re excited and terrified in all the right ways.


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