Movie Production Blog #1: It Begins!

This is the first production blog for the Zomblogalypse movie!

The best moment of today’s Skype meeting (Hannah’s in Korea for another couple of weeks) was Tony’s comment:


Silly-faced people

You see, we kicked things off by talking about what costumes our characters will wear in the movie; what our collective look will be. This is partly because in three weeks we’ll be posing outside York Minster for this photographic event when we’re snapping some photos for our Cannes press pack.

Our Producer, Mr. Steve Piper of Coffee Films, is heading Cannes-ward next month to gauge interest for the Zomblog movie and Whoops!, the feature we’re shooting this summer.

This is not just vanity; our costumes are partly dictated not just by colour schemes but also by character. What we wear in the film needs to stand out as colourful and true to the characters we play. And we think we’ve come up with some winning ensembles.

We bashed through the plot for the whole Zomblog movie, which all takes place in York and sticks close to the Zomblog ethos of ‘three lazy friends in a small British town, plus zombies.’ It hasn’t been hard to figure out what we want to go into the film; if it makes us laugh or sounds cool, it’s going in.

Would you trust these people to guard your town?

What is clear is that Zomblogalypse: The Movie is the web series ethos writ large. Bigger, brighter, gorier and funnier.

And more importantly, with better clothes.

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